Biomimetic Dentistry Wappingers Falls

Biomimetic dentistry is the art and science of restoring damaged teeth through the use of materials that mimic the properties of natural teeth in strength, appearance, and function.
At Bright Smiles of Beacon we believe in preserving natural teeth, and biomimetic dentistry is one of the best ways of achieving tooth retention. We would rather save a patient's tooth before attempting corrective methods after extraction.

Biomimetic Dentistry in Wappingers Falls

Why choose Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry:

  • Preserve your tooth With a biomimetic restoration more of your tooth is saved compared to traditional procedures like crowns, which irreversibly remove healthy parts of your tooth
  • Say goodbye to painBiomimetic treatments create a strong bond that protects against bacteria entering around the restoration. Traditional practices can lead to failed bonds, which increase decay, cracks, and sensitivity
  • Restoration that lastsA traditional crown can last an average of 4-5 years and could become symptomatic. Biomimetic restorations repair the tooth from the bottom up and can last over 15 years based on current clinical data
  • More natural teethSaving your healthy tooth structure is our highest priority. After a biomimetic restoration, teeth chew and behave naturally, giving you a healthier smile

Biomimetic Dentistry in Wappingers Falls

Advantages of Biomimetic Dentistry:

  • Conserving as much of the tooth structure as possible provides a greater chance of saving natural teeth.
  • Preserving tooth vitality and preventing unnecessary root canals.
  • Restoring teeth that would otherwise need an extraction.
  • Increasing the bond strength of restorations.
  • Minimizing shrinkage stress on the teeth.
  • Eliminating tooth sensitivity.
  • Creating long-lasting restorations that prevent the complications that can be experienced with traditional approaches.

If you are looking to save time and money in your dental health routine, biomimetic dentistry is the best approach. At Bright Smiles of Beacon we do biomimetic dentistry. Book your first appointment with us.